Think | Act | Deliver

Voltvision is an Intelligent Data Analytics Platform that empowers electrical assets to Think for themselves, Act where needed and always be Delivering maximum performance. We reduce costs and CO2 emissions but increase reliability and lifecycle.

What We Do

Our sensorless data extraction mechanism and innovative machine learning platform extract power usage data generated by high voltage electrical equipment. Voltvision is a plug and play system that can access high resolution data being generated by existing electrical assets. Our unique deep-data analysis gives actionable insights into how machinery is being operated providing clear pathways to outperforming industry benchmarks.


We reduce carbon omissions and energy consumption; extend asset maintenance and life cycles; support alternative business models to transform your ecosystem towards Net Zero; reduce transportation and generation of industrial waste; provide traceability for ESG frameworks; open route to Sustainability Linked Financing instruments.


We maximise value release of existing assets; combine digital maintenance practices with the traditional; increase productivity by asset optimisation as an “integrated site”; improve process SAFETY & Compliance performance; Improve asset utilisation to achieve above market returns.


Internet of Things and Edge of Grid Platform Principles; help develop response scenarios to be agile and mitigate volatilities; Facilitate “tailored” operating model for existing assets to increase productivity.

Industries We Help

Heavy Industries

Reduce power consumption by improving efficiency; and reducing downtime through predictive maintenance.

Power Generation

Monitoring high voltage electrical equipment to increase asset utilisation while reducing harmonic export and performance minimums.

Green Energy (fuel cells & renewables)

Harmonise power flow patterns, high voltage electrical equipment and define metrics to maximise cost effective production output.

Asset Digitisation

Retrofitting ageing high voltage electrical assets to allow digital monitoring

About Us

Manoli Yannaghas – Co-Founder, Managing Director

Manoli has spent 20 years operating mining and mineral exploration companies in Africa and South America. He has worked in both private and public companies as head of operations, chief executive and founder roles. He has considerable international commercial and operational experience and is specialist in small company growth.

Malcolm Evans C.Eng MEIT – Co-Founder, Technical Director

Malcolm is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with over 45 years experience working with high voltage power grids. He spent over 20 years running complex deep mine electrical networks and was head of Capital Projects at the British Coal Board. Malcolm has designed and connected in excess of 2GW of multi- technology renewable power generation and is one of the UK’s top high voltage power system experts.

Laszlo Szepesvary MSc, CEng, PhD – Chief Operations Officer

Laszlo has over 25 years of experience in global procurement and project management with multi nationals like Rio Tinto and Johnson Matthey. Laszlo has successfully led a number of transformational programmes resulting in significant P&L improvements, optimising and digitising operational structures, increasing competitive market advantages by TCO/TVO projects and working capital improvements by financing & supply chain optimisation. He has a deep understanding of the life sciences, commodities and energy sectors. 

James Bonham BSc PGCE – Head of Software Deployment

James has a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics, he has spent 15 years working at the forefront of the computer science industry. He is also highly skilled with working on micro electronics hardware both designing and maintaining equipment for the electronics industry. James is passionate about computer science and when he has the time teaches children at schools across the Midlands.