Industries we help

Power Generation

Monitoring high voltage electrical equipment to increase asset utilisation while reducing harmonic export and performance minimums.

Heavy Industries

Reduce power consumption by improving efficiency; and reducing downtime through predictive maintenance.

Green Energy (fuel cells & renewables)

Harmonise power flow patterns, high voltage electrical equipment and define metrics to maximise cost effective production output.

Asset Digitisation

Retrofitting ageing high voltage electrical assets to allow digital monitoring.

How We Do It

Data Extraction

Using our innovative ‘Gateway Cube’, we can securely connect to either your high voltage electrical network or your data repository using WiFi or 4G, enabling us to extract high-resolution electrical data which is then sent securely to the cloud.


Our cloud databases are designed to efficiently organise large volumes differing data sets which are then applied to specific machine learning algorithms to provide our clients with advanced analytics.


Live data, dashboards and reports are tailor made to provide actionable Insights empowering the operations, finance and management teams of our clients to achieve overall operational excellence.

What This Mean for You

Optimise Power Usage
Asset Management
ESG Compliance

Optimise Power Usage

Bad Power Quality, incorrectly sized and unsynchronised equipment and voltage misalignment are commonplace and can result in unnecessary power usage. Voltvision can quickly help to identify efficiencies by making low-cost power management improvements across an operating high-voltage network, significantly reducing power usage and CO2 emissions.

A large mining operation.

Asset Management

Voltvision’s electrical and data science teams have developed cutting edge algorithms that can monitor and identify change in performance across multiple asset classes. Early warning of developing faults improve maintenance efficiency, reduce downtime and increase asset life.

ESG Compliance

We will record accurate power consumption and CO2 emission numbers. We will help you align with Science Based Targets while demonstrating reduction in GHG emissions. Our digital platform helps facilitate transparent reporting and auditing, helping you to reduce overall CO2 emissions whilst hitting targets.